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wildlIfe at akagera national park rwanda

Besides gorillas/ gorilla trekking, Rwanda is also gifted with wildlife with highest population of Rwanda’s wildlife being eminent in Akagera national park situated in the north eastern part of the country . This because it’s a habitat that supports animals settlements with the part supporting up to 12 species of antelopes including the oribis, impala, oribi, elands one of the biggest in the world etc. other animals include the elephants, zebras, hippos, around lake ihema etc.

The main activities carried out at Akagera are early mooring and evening game drive in the parks granting visitors on Rwanda safaris an opportunity to view several wild animals. the activity  is carried out in the morning due to the fact that in such hours the temperatures are cool hence animals can be seen moving around in the park looking for food as compared to when the temperature are high. And the predator can also be seen searching for their prey. The wildlife you are likely to see are sitatunga, zebras, lions, giraffes and buffaloes.






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