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Rwanda city.

Any person visiting Rwanda for their very first time cannot avoid the thrill derived from the spectacular sceneries topped up with rolling hills colored green with the vegetation, with the superb view of Kigali city one of the cleanest places in the continent.
Kigali city is not just a capital city but a lush place and acting as Rwanda’s major administrative center topped up by being a modern business center, Kigali is also located in a unique place consisting of hills and valleys, is serviced by Kigali international airport that is connected to her neighbors i.e. Uganda, Burundi.
Kigali boasts of arrange of hotels that can suit all forms of budgets from low budget to mid-range and to luxury hence giving her visitors a wide variety of options to select from while on Rwanda safari / Rwanda trip.
Kigali city despite holding the prestigious look also holds a natural shape and modest low rise charm. The city center which consists of relatively busy dazzling market is littered with souvenirs stalls exuding fine indigenous craftsmanship, while the leafy roads wind through the gently climbing slopes giving a safe, calm and friendly environment.
Kigali enjoys experiences and enjoys a high altitude climate which is a result of its location and appearance and it’s evenly located with 3 hours of most visited Rwanda sites.
Butare is yet another city of Rwanda situated 135km away from Kigali the capital city. It’s an intellectual and cultural part of the country clearly consisting of a number of institution and cultural centers, such institutions include universities, colleges and other institution of learning, contains feudal monarch. The high way to this modest city is also lined up with a couple of comfortable hotels and calm terraces. On the outside of the city there exists national museum displaying some of the finest artifacts in the region which portrays what happened during Rwanda pre- colonial and colonial life styles. Within an easy reaching distance in Rwanda there exists the royal place of Nyanza a traditionally constructed dome but no longer active in use.

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