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On matters concerning birding safaris, Rwanda by no means satisfies the requirements, Rwanda consists of over 1450 species of birds and 28 are in found within the Albertine rift valley.

rwanda birding safarisThe most common and searched for include the elusive shoes bill stock, wood pecker. Papyrus gonalek, red face berbet, miombo wren warblers. This bird species are majorly found in the areas of Akagera national park, volcanoes national park and Nyungwe forest national park. Other pakces include Lake Ihema, rugezi swamp.akanyaru, cyamudongo.

The location of Rwanda within the Albertine rift valley automatically makes it the best place and land scape for birding lovers. The watching of birds in Rwanda can excite any travelers. The wetlands of Akagera national parks are homes to many captivating species like the elusive shoe bill stock i.e. it’s the easiest place to find it. Akagera also supports other combination of acacia and papyrus species such as the red faced barbet, papyrus gonalek white headed. Black and familiar chats, Carruthers Bennett’s woodpecker, white headed, white winged and broad tailed warblers and Miombo wren-warblers

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