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This awesome national park is located in the north eastern part of the country near the border of Rwanda – Tanzania. Much as the parks inception was in 1993, it was tremendously reduced by the local population and the refugees from different location who were seeking land for agriculture and settlement. Later in 1997 its size was increased from 2,500km to 1, its current size. With much of government efforts, the parks was restored to hence obtaining its past glory.

Its name parks name was formed as a result of the Akagera River that flows in eastern side of Lake Ihema the largest lake in Rwanda. Akagera is rich in plant life/ vegetation   consisting of the savannah, swamp vegetation rolling highland, forests giving it Avery distinct and unique appearance in Africa.

This distinct parks combines with Nyugwe forest national park and volcanoes to provide the best in regard to Rwanda safaris. this is evidenced by the huge numbers of travelers that flock Rwanda to carry out of the most popular tourism attraction such as gorilla trekking tours and to view other wildlife life in such as the duikers, sitatunga, zebras, elephants, water bucks, oribis, topis, buffaloes, impala and other primates such as the olive baboons, secretive blue monkey always in the evening.

Finally the larger predators such as the lions, hyenas, leopards, have just been re-introduced in the park following their depletion from the park as result of civil wars that were in Rwanda. There are also plans of introducing the rhinos in Rwanda. The presence of the habitat has also favored the presence of several bird species from water birds to migratory birds.


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