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Volcanoes national park Rwanda.

Volcanoes Rwanda national parks also known as parc national des volcans, its located in the north western part of the country within the confines of Ruhengeri –musanze district. Bordering Virunga national park in Congo and mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda. Volcanoes is famous for being home to the endangered mountain gorillas the largest primates in the world, it also harbors other primates such as the golden monkeys and several bird species.

The park is  also house seven volcanoes which include muhabura, sabinyo, karisimbi, mount bisoke, mount Virunga and gahinga.

Volcanoes Rwanda national park was formulated in 1925 as on the areas gazetted and foreseen to be home to the endangered mountain gorilla species which suffered from the hand of poachers  who were hunting them for different reasons food being of the major ones. I has from them picked interests of many making Rwanda it one of the top African destination in regard to the famous gorilla tracking tour.

It was also later advanced to turn into a home for the famous American zoologist Dian fossey whose name is still felt up to date. She moved to Rwanda in 1967 and set up Karisoke research center in to carry out research on how to increase on the population of gorillas and therefore is accredited for saving the lives of gorillas from the hands of poachers and several other dangers.

Plant species.

In matters regarding  flora  the parks is  also endowed with several plant species  confined in large altitude range from, ranging from 2500mters- 3200 meters there exists the bamboo forest taking 30%  of the  forest.  And from 3500 to 4200 meters is characterized by lobelia and from 4300- 4500 meters, the vegetation is grassland and meadows, ashes, swamps and small lakes.


The parks is endowed with several animals species and the major one being mountain gorilla others include golden monkey, duikers, bush backs,  buffaloes, spotted hyenas the animals are also topped up by several bird species.


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