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Wake  up to soothing Uganda safaris experience, your guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you eastwards to Jinja, pass through the busy Jinja road in Kampala or take the northern by pass to beat usual the jam in the city as your head eastward. Pass through lugazi spotting the sugar can estate and the large truck ferrying sugar can.

Your very first activity starts when you branch to   sezibwa falls situated in lugazi another safari in Uganda experience,   preferred place for healing and for the traditional kings of Buganda kingdom. The beautiful falls will leave and an inscription in your heart in your heart and mind.

Withdraw from Sezibwa and proceed to Jinja passing a fast foods place on the road side, again pull off and reach the starting point for the Mabira forest walk, Mabira is one the few rainforest left in the central region still under encroachment by people seeking land for agriculture and settlement, walk as you explore Mabira forest, sighting several bird species, primates and small animals. The bird species amount to 300, 218 butterfly species and 312 tree and plant species hence deeming it one of the Uganda tour spots. You will fall in love with the silence in forest and the only sound will be the chapping birds like the shriek and the chattering monkeys.

Get back your car and proceed to Jinja tuning your mind and anxiously waiting for what the day trip Jinja has in full stock for you. Reach Jinja and get to sunset hotel an awesome hotel and restaurant situates close to the river Nile, feel the fresh Nile breeze as you enjoy your lunch.

After lunch take a brief ride source of the Nile, a tranquil park, and presently there a number of shops dealing in handmade crafts that you can purchase as souvenirs. It also enveloped with several plants that usher you as you take the stairs to the water area, get to also see and take photos at the john Hannington  Speke statue the first first European explore to discover the source of Nile and that it originates from lake Victoria one of the largest fresh water lakes in the word.

Take a boat trip on the Nile and cross to Lake Victoria   this is an amazing opportunities to take some photos. Later get back to the source of the Nile and head to Jinja town a once Uganda’s top industrial capital. You will also notice the town has a number of Indians styled structures verifying that Indians lived during pre- Idi Amin. You will also visit several crafts shops in Jinja town on Main Street. Get into the car and proceed to back to Kampala   arrive in the evening and check in at your hotel for dinner and an overnight stay winding up the 1 day Jinja trip.





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