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Hiking in Rwanda is another popular tourism activity and sport one can carry out in Rwanda. It may not appeal to everybody especially those are not physically fit. The endowment of Rwanda with several landscapes such as the hills   and 5 volcanic mountains make it and I deal place to carry out hiking tours.

This mountain deemed for mountain hiking in Rwanda include   mountain Bisoke with a height of 3711 meters above sea level, mount muhabura with a height of 4137 meters above sea level, mountain karisimbi ,mountain sabinyo having an altitude of 3674 meters, mountain gahinga with an altitude amounting to 3474 meters and hence making  it the shortest to hike in Rwanda. The duration of the hike depends on the individual strength perhaps the stronger and physically fit take the shorter time hiking than the less physically fit and also the higher the mountain the longer it takes to hike and vice versa.

Besides just hiking, there also other feature that fascinate hikers on Rwanda mountain hike. Such features include the beautiful crater lakes, the ever available vegetation and the beautiful vegetation.

Thrilling hiking experience.

For hiking fanatic on tour to Rwanda/ Rwanda safaris, it obvious that the mountain karisimbi the distinct destination you can do hiking from. It’s little strenuous to hike karisimbi but at the end of the day it’s one of the most rewarding tours in Rwanda.  The duration for taking on karisimbi amounts up to 2 to 3 days, starting early in the morning from the foot hills as you ascend upwards through the beautiful vegetation made up of short plants, grasses climbing up to 3700 meters above sea level while at this height you will have to set up camp where you will have dinner and an overnights stay. Later wake up early in the morning and continuing with the climb upwards passing through the rocky grounds and later reaching the summit/ the top. While on the summit,

When you are you at the summit, you will have a clear view of the beautiful sceneries of Congo and Rwanda taking many photos as possible, you will also view Nyiragongo active volcano in Congo.

you’re done with enjoying the view at the summit you will then descend. The whole journey of descending is quit fast as compared to climbing.

Note that climbing karisimbi is normally for experienced climber because during the bad weather it gets strenuous as the terrain is slippery.


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