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There is no doubt Rwanda gorilla tours are the best activities one can ever indulge one self on while on a Rwanda safari, it’s carried out at volcanoes Rwanda national park (parc des volcans) situated in North West of Rwanda at Ruhengeri district bordering Virunga national park in Congo. The simplest mention of gorilla tracking simply thrills someone because the entire activity of searching for the huge primates is more like hide and seek a reminder of the child times.

The activities kicks off from the national park headquarters with the briefing on the does and don’t regarding the gorilla tracking, then assignment of the family of gorilla to track form and a game ranger to take you through the jungles while tracking the takes am maximum 8 people to track a family of gorillas.

You can then move to the forest in search for gorillas, they can be everywhere but you can only track the group/ gamily that matches the description you have been assigned to, once you meet them you will to see them tease each other beating their chests to show assign of supremacy. You are allowed to spend with them an hour as your interact with them, take selfies and carry them as well.

The gorilla families’ together sum up to ten groups and they live together but exhibit different characteristics some  families named  from their characteristics in which their names are derived they include Amahoro, Agashya family, Umibano,  Susa family, kwitonda, Hirwa, karisimbi family that live near mountain karisimbi,sabinyo family, Ugenda family.Bwenge family.

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