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Bwindi impenetrable national park

Bwindi impenetrable national park is rather an exclusive   guarded area from any other national parks in Uganda   because of her minor geographical exposure / coverage (330km2), it consists of mountainous terrain, thick forest vegetation very vast wildlife and worldly pre- known home for the endangered   mountain gorillas   giving rise to activities like Uganda gorilla trekking/ gorilla tracking activities.  Bwindi is an antique impenetrable tropical rainforest bionetwork of supreme conservation values projected at 25000 years old.  In one of the few four word habitat for the mountain gorillas whose population is not more than 1000 in number. Mountain gorillas do not adapt in many of conditions elsewhere in the world except their natural habitats, this is the reason why several zoos around the world do not have mountain gorillas.

The topography and the dense vegetation and other wildlife species don’t simply accept mass viewing of wildlife tours and mountain gorilla tracking is the top activity travelers on Uganda safaris to Bwindi. Bwindi position high amongst bird watching destination for many travelers, the forest consist of the species that migrate from the West African forest close to the Bwindi itself. All travelers take guided nature walks to discover the amazing wildlife species that consists of 25 mammals, and 340 birds, insects, reptiles in excess of 150 trees, and compare the associations with the mountain gorillas. The trekkers get to learn more about the nature and surroundings    the favorite foods eaten by the Bwindi gorillas, herbs they eat to treat their ailments.

Other relevant information about Bwindi and the surrounding areas can also be gathered from the local individuals staying around Bwindi area. The information can be got through guided community to the locals.

Tourism activities at Bwindi

Gorilla trekking/ gorilla tracking

Birding safaris.

Interactive communities.

Forest walks.


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